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Moving is not as easy as it seems to be! But, it is experienced by everyone once in a lifetime. If you are fearful of moving than we can help and assist you with every step of relocating.Let’s start with packing

Packing: It is one of the daunting tasks which cannot be neglected or ignored. Properly packed items are less likely to break during relocating. Today, we have break free cartons, Anti-static bubble wrap, sealing tapes, different packing boxes wraps and packing peanuts are available to deliver the goods in its original shape.

Astro Worldwide movers have specialized and trained personnel for packing your goods. With the latest tactics and equipments our experts make your effects protected by all means. Before moving, our experts will advise the ideal packing material and the right kind of transportation means to minimize damage risk. Glass items, artwork, paintings, electronics, antiques, china and metal items are completely protected with the latest packaging materials.


Packing is itself an art; an art of assembling and arranging the items with respect to their sizes, textures, materials and weight. Packing involves thorough planning to make the moving easy. Our movers and packers Singapore experts carefully examine the items before they are packed. In order to accommodate different items, we have cartons available of all sizes and boxes to guarantee protection.

Before you think of packing on your own, keep the fact in mind that it has to be delivered safely, and disassembled at your new home or office. You cannot afford panicking as you step at your new destination. Besides you cannot even remember the exact carton of your clothes and kitchen goods.It is fascinating to move to a new place but you must not like the idea of bruised furniture, chipped or broken plates or wrecked lampshades. Such complains are quite common with packing on your own.




Astro Worldwide Movers are professionals and love your effects like you do. We are not just movers and packers; we are of international moving standard to ease your moving and packing phases. With our International packers and movers you can be facilitated even by packing on your own. Follow these simple instructions as a guideline to pack your effects and move to your new destination.

1.You need packing boxes, cartons of different sizes and moving kits. In the market you can easily get bubble wraps, folding sheets, packing tapes, plastic sheets, some extra paper sheets and packing peanuts to fill the gaps and boxes. With us, you can have it all as supplementary moving apparatus. We can even provide cushions, blankets and other clothing to secure the delicate items that are prone to break

2.Packing needs proper organization. Taking one room at a time and planning for its packing, you can cut down the efforts to half. All you need at this stage is a marker for labelling. While you label all goods, add details to it and where it must be ideally placed. This will surely help you with unpacking at the new place as you move

3.Keep an eye on the weight of the cartons and boxes and try to put heavy stuff in small boxes and light and delicate stuff in large boxes. You can use double boxestactic to secure delicate stuff

4.Assemble all the stuff you may need the first night or day. Prepare a suitcase or a bag with your essentials and make it hand carried. Meals for instance, must be something dry like burgers, pizzas and pastas. They are yet quick to make and are easily served Not only packing, loading even requires proper management and planning. As it is a matter of secure moving, we assure safely moving to international destinations.

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