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International Air Freight Services

Air freight Singapore,International air freight

Astro Worldwide Movers offer air freight and air cargo shipping services with excess baggage. We are globally recognized and have professional network to majority air carriers which means – competitive, effective and efficient air freight choices for our overseas moving clients.

More importantly, our international services can take your effects from an airport-to-airport (from Singapore to any other place) where the effects will be carried out according to our client’s requirements and timing schedule. Therefore, there would be no hassle, or panic for taking your effects and waiting for your turn. This is what everyone loves about Astro Movers! We are not only efficient but are caring and concerned about our clients.

With our International air freight forwarding services you can expect only the best at an economical rate. Similarly, our air freight shipments allow you to export any luggage regardless of its size, shape, schedule and weight. Our freight transportation services are quick and flexible. In additional to that the air cargo service is over the edge and is available at competitive rates with flexible schedules.

International air freight,Air Freight Company

Our major freight transportation services include:

– Free Professional Export Packing Services
– Free Storage Services
– Door-to-Door Worldwide
– Door-to-Airport
– Air Cargo Transport Insurance
– Custom Clearance and Delivery

Air Freight Charges CalculationAir Freight Company,Air freight Singapore

How to calculate charges?

The formula for calculating air freight services is simple

Freight charges are calculated by the actual weight of Package/Carton or the volume metric weight, whichever is higher. To calculate the volume metric weight of a shipment, Measure Length x Width x Height then divide by 4000 as applicable

For example: Measurement 58cm x 48cm x 32cm = 890,88cubic centimetres which divided by 4000, results in, kg rounded up to 23 kg

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